Yang Fei Photography / 10 year review(2001-2010)
杨飞摄影 十年回顾(2001-2010)



新加坡中央商业区。拍摄时间:2005年12月28日晚上8点。我用 SIGMA 17-35大广角镜头(@20毫米焦距) 加强视觉冲击力。One Raffles Quay 是一座在建的大厦,工地大门的保安不让我进。我想尽办法绕到后门,捡到一顶破安全帽,挤进建筑工人队伍里混了上去。来到46楼一看,本来就恐高的我吓得直哆嗦,因为45楼以上的外墙玻璃都还没安装,四周只用一道绳索拦着。请注意图片右下角的地面和螺丝 – 这离自杀只有一步之遥。高楼的风特别大,拍的时候又飘起了小雨,镜头都淋湿了。我站在那里有点类似911纽约那飞行员的感觉。不说了,现在想起来还腿软。


CBD Singapore. Sigma 17-35mm lens @ 20mm. Canon 1ds Mark II camera on tripod.  Dec 28, 2005. Standing on the edge of the 46th floor (un-obscured, see the right bottom of the picture) , One Raffles Place, an office tower in-construction . The securities just did not allow me to go in. I spent 2 hours scouting around the site and finally did it. It was raining and the wind was blowing hard, that was really a scaring suicidal experience. You wouldn't be able to see this picture if i took one step forward. Lucky me. 

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