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 女神殿Banteay Srei离暹丽市区有37公里。此庙虽小,却被称为吴哥时期建筑雕刻皇冠上的明珠。建于约公元1000年左右的这个小庙几乎每一寸都雕满了东西,不是那种浅浮雕,大多数都非常的立体。全殿呈粉红色调,这种给人神话故事般感觉的pink cast在所有吴哥时期庙宇中是罕见的。因为此庙雕得太精美,而且保存得非常好,有专家曾质疑这个庙到底是不是吴哥时期的高棉人建的。这种怀疑我觉得有道理,因为我看来看去也觉得全庙的建筑风格和其他吴哥寺庙有不小的差异。 只有一点毫无疑问,女神殿是这个地球上最精美的古代石雕作品之一。


女神殿15。图片号 Cambodia0038.

Banteay Srei 15.


 Banteay Srei means ‘Citadel of the Women'. This 1000 years old little Indian temple, 37km away from Siem Reap town, is considered by many the jewel in the crown of Angkorian art. Every inch of the building is beautifully sculptured, most of them are very three-dimensional. It is cut from stone of a pinkish hue, rarely seen from other Angkorian temples. Most of the sculptures are wonderfully well preserved. The delicate details of Banteasy Srei are too good to be true, many argued if it was really done by the people of Angkorian age. I personally also feel the carving and structural style of Banteasy Srei is quite different from other Angkorian temples. However, there is one thing for certain: Banteasry Srei is one of the finest stone carvings on the planet earth.

A long zoom lens is necessary as you are not allowed to go inside, in this case the Sigma70-300APO was my helper.  I use long lenses in combination with tripod, cable release, and Mirror Lockup (very important).


池塘边的小印度庙。女神殿外景。图片号 Cambodia0024.

Banteay Srei, a little Indian temple by the pond.



女神殿大门。图片号 Cambodia0025.

Gate of Banteay Srei.



女神殿3。图片号 Cambodia0026.

Banteay Srei 3.




女神殿4。图片号 Cambodia0027.

Banteay Srei 4.


女神殿5。图片号 Cambodia0028.

Banteay Srei 5.



女神殿6。图片号 Cambodia0029.

Banteay Srei 6.



女神殿7。图片号 Cambodia0030.

Banteay Srei 7.


女神殿8。图片号 Cambodia0031.

Banteay Srei 8.



女神殿9。图片号 Cambodia0032.

Banteay Srei 9.



门框装饰。女神殿10。图片号 Cambodia0033.

Door frame decoration. Banteay Srei 10.



女神殿11。图片号 Cambodia0034.

Banteay Srei 11.



女神殿12。图片号 Cambodia0035.

Banteay Srei 12.


女神殿13。图片号 Cambodia0036.

Banteay Srei 13.



女神殿14。图片号 Cambodia0037.

Banteay Srei 10.




当地的女孩们。女神殿16。图片号 Cambodia0039.

Local girls. Banteay Srei 16.



女神殿17。图片号 Cambodia0040.

Banteay Srei 16.







Angkor Wat Sunset



800米长的吴哥窟浮雕长廊。图片号: Cambodia0042。

The exterior deambulatory of Angkor Wat covered with bas-reliefs, 800 meters long.




浮雕长廊局部。凸出部分都是黑的。图片号: Cambodia0043

Bas-reliefs corridor in close up. The convexities are in black.





This is to illustrate why they are in black.





Angkor Wat inner tower。




吴哥窟7。图片号: Cabodia00046

Angkor Wat 7.




太阳之吻。吴哥窟8。图片号: Cabodia00046

Kissed by Sun. Angkor Wat 8.



吴哥窟9。图片号: Cabodia00047

Angkor Wat 9.



吴哥窟10。图片号: Cabodia00048

Angkor Wat 10.




吴哥窟11。图片号: Cabodia00049

Angkor Wat 11.




吴哥窟12。图片号: Cabodia00050

Angkor Wat 12.



吴哥窟13。图片号: Cabodia00051

Angkor Wat 13.



吴哥窟14。图片号: Cabodia00052

Angkor Wat 14.




吴哥窟窗户1。图片号: Cabodia00053

Angkor Wat Window 1




吴哥窟窗户2。图片号: Cabodia00054

Angkor Wat Window 2




吴哥窟窗户3。图片号: Cabodia00055

Angkor Wat Window 3




吴哥窟窗户4。图片号: Cabodia00056

Angkor Wat Window 4




吴哥窟窗户5。图片号: Cabodia00057

Angkor Wat Window 5




吴哥窟窗户6。图片号: Cabodia00058

Angkor Wat Window 6




吴哥窟21。图片号: Cabodia00059

Angkor Wat 21




吴哥窟22。图片号: Cabodia00060

Angkor Wat 22




吴哥窟23。图片号: Cabodia00061

Angkor Wat 23



吴哥窟24。图片号: Cabodia00062

Angkor Wat 24





Angkor Wat inner tower.





Climbing the inner towers of Angkor Wat can be a challenge.









Angkor Wat 28





Angkor Wat Sunrise。







第一部分:正文及图片集锦  (5000字,图片24张)

第二部分:女神殿和吴哥窟 (图片45张)

第三部分:其他吴哥寺庙 (图片39张)      

第四部分:暹粒市 (图片31张)    





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Page 1:Chinese text  with 24 assorted images     

Page 2:Banteay Srei and Angkor Wat45 images

Page 3:other Angkorian temples   39 images.

Page 4:Siem Reap the town   31 images. 

Page 5:Phnom Penh the city  52 images.



摄影技术说明:图片全部均为佳能 Canon 1ds Mark II 数码相机拍摄, RAW图片格式,大多数使用 EF28-135IS 镜头。全部图片和文字为杨飞版权所有,任何商业性转载请先征得鄙人书面同意。

      Photographs taken by Canon 1ds Mark II camera in RAW mode. EF28-135IS is the primary lens. All photos and text copyright of Yang Fei.  Written permission is required for any commercial use of my works.


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