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Merlion Perfection – A Pictorial Review of Singapore

 David Yang,May 2006

When the 2-year marriage with Malaysia ended and Singapore gained its full independence in 1965, and with the British military presence vanished in 1968, many said this little island state was doomed. It had no modern industry, no natural resources, even drinking water had to be imported from Malaysia (and it is still so). "It was really a problem of do or die."  said Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the then Prime Minister of Singapore. They were wrong and Mr Lee was right. Singapore survived, beautifully...Read More


Singapore Online Exhibition

  In this feature there are over 500 images, it may take a few hours to dig them out . To make the world less busy, 98 images of my personal favor are selected and put together as Singapore online Exhibition Gallery. Do check them out.


Special Feature:

Block 335B, Portrait of a Singapore Residential Building



MRT & People




Images of the above Features (green boxes) are selected from the Singapore

image bank below, 500 pictures in 6 categories (gray boxes):








Still Life




Scenes With People



(in construction)





I am looking for a publisher for my Singapore images, if you are from the

press kindly contact me at yangfei999999@hotmail.com  Thank you.

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