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Photo ID: SIN0026. Merlion park dustbin, Singapore, Jan 2005. Refer to the following 3 pictures.  This picture can be enlarged to 1024x768 wallpaper size. Click the above picture to download. Big file, please be patient while downloading. The wallpaper size photo is strictly for private use, I do so in good faith, please do not abuse it. Any commercial use please contact me yangfei999999@hotmail.com  .

照片号SIN0026。 鱼尾狮公园的垃圾桶。2005年1月。参见以下三张图片。此图片可以放大为1024x768尺寸下载为电脑墙纸使用。下载请点击上图。敬告:大图,请耐心下载。严格限个人使用。任何商业用途请电子邮件联系我:yangfei999999@hotmail.com  谢谢您的合作。



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